Benefit To Our Advisors

A Member Of Your Team


Tritium functions as a support system for you to serve your clientele at the highest level. We operate as an affiliate of your corporate umbrella. All decisions regarding the process are made by you. We serve to grow your business and expand your services to your existing clientele. 



Expanded Product Offerings​


We constantly incorporate a new array of financial products that your client is probably securing from other sources. Our product presentations are the culmination of intensive research and analysis, utilizing a quantitative analysis approach rather than empty sales approaches. 


Enhancement of Your Key Client Relationships


You will be able to develop or enhance your current client contacts into more comprehensive relationships in a holistic advisory role. It is well accepted today in the financial services community that a financial advisor must become a go-to source for solutions. Clients are demanding this. If you limit your role to any one discipline, you are losing current and future opportunities. 


Field Presence


Quentin C. Sturm, JD, CPA will be available to collaborate with you in the

presentation of the materials to your clientele. Mr. Sturm is well known in the legal and accounting profession in the Mid-Atlantic region, and his participation ensures that the clients other advisors (CPAs, Attorneys, CFOs) are not hostile to the process and welcome participation in a team environment. 

Client Retention


Our services provide you with a tool to ensure that your client maintains his or her relationship with you and is not susceptible to the temptation of listening to other potential third party advisors. Your comprehensive offering will negate the effects of outside interference. 



State-Of-The-Art Strategies

A successful financial advisory practice requires that the most sophisticated ideas and stratagems are ascertained and presented to the client. Particular attention is paid to an individual clients tolerance for detail and manner of presentation. The ability to take complex estate, business and other financial planning techniques and present them in a clean and concise manner is our specialty. 

We Specialize In Planning For

  • Estate Tax Minimization - Efficient Strategies
  • Business Continuity and Protection

  • Charitable Planning

  • Executive Retirement Planning

  • Life Insurance as an Asset Class & Portfolio

        Rebalancing with Protection Products

  • Insurance Cost Recover, Premium Financing

  • Document Review