Business Succession

What Are The Benefits Of a Sound Succession Plan?

  • Ensures a proper valuation of the business interests, reducing the possibility of conflict between successors.

  • Drastically reduces the cost and time required for settlement of the deceased’s estate.

  • If properly funded, can provide cash flow for operations when the business needs it the most. This can prevent the forced liquidation or sale to third party due to cash flow.

  • Elimination of conflict between active and inactive children.

  • Ensure ownership remains within your bloodline.

  • Peace of mind. 

The Bottom Line

Business owners seeking a smooth and equitable transition of their interests should seek a competent, experienced team to assist them in this matter.


If your objective is to continue the business after death, and not have it liquidated or sold to a third party, several options and considerations are possible. 

Transition To Family Or Family Sub-Groups

  • Active vs. Inactive Ownership

  • Conflicting Interests

  • Estate Equalization

  • Criteria (age, education, time in business) 

Transition To Employees

  • Key Employee Retention to assure they remain at the company.

  • Equitable balance between employee ownership and value passed on to heirs. 

Management Buy Out

Qualified team of people, hand-picked, that can continue operations and handle the proper administration of your succession plan. 


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