About Us

As founding partners, Robert Bagonis and Quentin Sturm have created a firm that provides an opportunity to support experienced advisors with high standards for service and ethics. At Tritium, we believe in a holistic approach to financial planning: planning is a personal journey that requires mutual respect, understanding, and trust. Our business is structured in a way that promotes this kind of interaction between the advisors and their clients. Our goal is to provide peace of mind by adding value to clients’ lives through conscientious stewardship. We function as a support system to you in serving your clientele. We operate as an affiliate of your corporate umbrella and all decisions regarding the process are made by you, the advisor. We serve to grow your business and expand your services to your existing clientele. We understand how important our work is to our clients, and we consider their trust a great privilege. By investing in good relationships, Tritium is able to deliver highly customized service that focuses our expertise on each client's unique set of needs, priorities, and objectives.



In that respect, you will be able to develop or enhance your current client contacts into more comprehensive relationships in a holistic advisory role. It is well accepted today in the financial services community that a financial advisor must become a go-to source for all solutions. Clients are demanding this. If you limit your role to any one discipline, you are losing current and future opportunities. Our services provide you a tool to insure that your client maintains a positive relationship with you for generations to come.



As an advisor, you will have access to a team of professionals, well suited to enhance and expand your business. We bring a unique set of experience and expertise to every relationship, with a primary focus on comprehensive financial planning, including estate tax minimization strategies and business succession planning, as well as portfolio rebalancing with protection products. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you build and preserve prosperity as we assist you and your clients in attaining their goals and visions. We view the relationship we have with our clients as a partnership, one that offers sound judgment and solid recommendations based on research, fundamental analysis and years of experience.  We stand with our clients every step of the way and ensure that each client will be nurtured and supported with knowledge and expertise that will endure for generations to come.

Our Founding Partners

Quentin, a former national director of the estate planning services unit of Coopers & Lybrand, is a well respected professional in the financial services industry. With over 40 years in the legal and accounting disciplines, Mr. Sturm is an invaluable partner on any team, adding sophistication and a wealth of state-of- the-art knowledge. He will collaborate and team build with your clients’ professional advisors. 

Quentin C. Sturm, J.D., CPA

Phone: 610-608-7559

Robert J. Bagonis, Jr.

Robert Bagonis specializes in quantitative analysis, financial modeling and integrated insurance design. In a short timeframe, Robert became the youngest manager and senior strategist of the advanced sales team of one of New England Financial’s largest agencies. He is uniquely qualified to provide a broad spectrum of options to be presented to your clientele, including premium financing, COLI, supplemental retirement income and cost recovery. He has established and trusted relationships with all major insurance carriers. 

Phone: 610-764-4665