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About Technology Services

Focusing On Business Intelligence


Using platforms for tracking and reporting has transformed companies' analytics. Tritium will provide your company with the integration and training to your producers and management by engaging them in the systems below.


Featured Industries

  • Insurance Representatives/Firms

  • Investment Representatives/Firms

  • Accountants

  • Lawyers

  • Realtors

  • Small Business Owners


Touchstone Management

  • Tracking of key data.

  • Training management on how to evaluate data.


Marketing Pack

  • How to obtain referrals at the most intimate level.


Client Profile

  • Building an online file of everything that has been completed and the future goals of the client to deliver optimum service.


Cloud Service Organization

  • Utilization of cloud sharing and assessing which platform is best suited for your needs.


Presentation Staging

  • Engaging your clients by outfitting your company with technology to deliver your pitch by use of iPad, mobile projectors, screen sharing and many other options for your needs.


Event Marketing and Planning

  • How do you generate business outside of an office setting? We can help plan and teach you to create exclusive events tailored to clients interests. 




Comprehensive Database Consulting


Do you want your organization to be as efficient and effective as possible? Of course you do, but the time, energy and involvement to create procedures to accomplish that is heavily involved. With Tritium’s proven success and innovation with providing insurance brokers an effective and reliable database environment, your organization will be stronger and more successful overall with the consultancy from Tritium's database consultants. Being able to properly manage and utilize your data will provide you with the type of business intelligence that will support reporting and data analytics. Making decisions with tracked and reported data will allow you to make business decisions that reflect your individual and company goals. Why try to make decisions based on inaccurate information? Tritium will provide you with the following services to transform your business into an organized, cohesive reporting system catered to your needs.


  • Database Migration Services

  • Database Installations and Upgrades

  • Data Analytics and Auditing

  • Performance Analysis and Optimization

  • Business Intelligence Enhancements

  • Providing Database Administrators and Specialists

  • Data Integration

  • Customer Relationship Management